Ebony Pissing

Ebony Lady Pissing

Have you ever watched a woman take a leak and if not do you ever find yourself wanting to? Watching a female take a piss is one of my guilty pleasures, I dunno what it is about watching a female urinate that I find exciting, I have tried to analyse it but I haven’t come up with an answer. I know it isn’t that I want to feel her piss on me and I sure as hell do not want to take part in any kind of golden shower, it is just the visual aspect that I find so damn arousing. What do you think, her we have a gorgeous ebony lady opening her legs and taking a piss, arousing or not?

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Graces booty is like a temple, it is gorgeous to look at and she is very choosy on who she allows to play with it. “Would you like some ass?” Grace asked in a sultry voice, of course my reply was going to be a resounding yes, who wouldn’t? My cock was already stiffening with the X-rated thoughts washing through my brain like a sewer.

“Lick my nasty little exit then and it is all yours to abuse” Grace quipped.  At that moment I would do anything to get a piece of that booty and although I had never licked anyone’s ass before the thought of doing so left me feeling both excited and at the same time a little apprehensive. I love giving oral sex but I admit to being an anal virgin when it comes to the mouth and giving.

I wanted Graces ass so bad and I was going to do anything it took to get some. I dropped to my knees placing the palms of my hands firmly on her ebony butt cheeks before gently parting them open to reveal her private little button. I stared at it for a moment realising what a private part of the body this was, more men had probably seen Graces pussy than her anus.

At first I held my breath as I moved in, I feared what the smell might be like up close, I feared it would be an aroma that might kill me dead in my tracks. As my tongue extended to greet her orifice I bit the bullet and inhaled a deep lungful of air, it was wonderful, not like I had imagined in the slightest. The musky smell of her body scent filled my nostrils like an intoxicating spell as my tongue reached its target.

As I gently licked and probed at her opening Grace twitched and I could feel the muscles around her anus tighten, she leaned further forward allowing me greater access, I pressed my face harder between those tanned cheeks and wrapped my mouth around her opening. I was about to give her ass a French kiss, my tongue was about to enter a whole new world.

My chin was pressing firmly against Graces pussy, a fact that I was unaware of until I felt her love juice running down my chin. With my eyes remaining open and staring at her perfect curves I pressed harder against her anus, damn it felt tight, I continued to lick around her opening again and as I felt her muscles relaxing I took the opportunity, pressing without abandonment my tongue finally entered its forbidden fruit…

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Gorgeous Naked Ebony Female

I am looking for a horny guy who likes to taste pussy. As you can see I have a clean shaven vagina and it is ready for you to wrap your mouth around and show me your oral skills. A lot of people tell me I am gorgeous, however I think my beauty puts some guys off, they assume that I am going to be sweet and innocent in the bedroom when I am quite the opposite, I am actually quite wild.

I love being warmed up for sex by a guys tongue and while I am still fresh and sweet in his mouth he is welcome to slide up my naked body and kiss me on the lips so that I can taste myself. I am often asked if I prefer white or black guys, my answer is always the same, if he has a hard cock and is willing to give plenty of mouth action I don’t care.

Ebony Upskirt – No Panties

Hello boys, take a peek up my skirt, how would you like me to lower my shaved pussy down into your face, would you like to have a lick and see what I taste like? My black pussy is always horny and ready to go, that’s why I hardly ever wear any panties, they just get too wet. If you lick me good I might just lower myself down onto that throbbing cock of yours, would you like that?

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You don’t get much more amateur than images and home video footage sent in by the readers. Send in something extra special and get an invite to shoot an unscripted sex scene and receive a nice little payout for fucking in front of the camera. Some of the ebony chicks are a little shy to start with but they soon relax as the unscripted action kicks into gear.

Dressed in her yellow panties and matching bra this amateur was a little apprehensive when presented with a thick black cock to suck but she soon relaxed as her lovers hand groped away at her black pussy. First stroking her crotch allowing her lips to moisten then pulling her panties to one side and exposing her shaved snatch.

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I haven’t met a guy yet who doesn’t like watching genuine girl on girl action, not porn stars who go through the motions with fake groans and playing up to the camera, I mean genuine lesbian munching amateurs who eat pussy because they actually like it. Black Lesbians are like all my dreams coming true at once and with a name like Black Lesbians I guess I don’t need to spell it out what the site linked to the above image is all about.

These are your black girl next type of girls, they prefer pussy to cock and they will happily allow you to watch them as they work through the hottest black ass and the tightest ebony pussy going. Can you imagine the musky stench of warm pussy that must have been in the room with these three working away on each other!!

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Pierced Ebony Pussy

There are those girls that have a very sensitive black pussy and there are girls that like you to bump and grind against their clitoris as you fuck them hard, I prefer the ones who like it hard. For those chicks that enjoy a hard seeing too often penetration alone is not hard enough for them, they like to be licked out and have their swollen black bean rubbed while you fuck them. If you see an ebony chick with a piercing in her pussy you can bet that she likes it hard, she needs that extra stiff cock to hit home on the point.

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You can never get enough of these ebony babes and their super hot anal to oral action. Watch the hardcore ass action unfold as these black cock hungry bitches get their holes pounded by some big and hard man meat. There are lots more ass pounding movies just like this one together with some real ground moving booty shakers so when you have watched the above ass fucking movie don’t forget to come back and check out the bonus surprise I have lined up for you below. These ebony asses sure were made for fucking…


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A nice tight black pussy, big black tits and a lush brown and round booty, what more could a guy want? Imagine being treated to your own cock tease then invited in for some back door bashing. I would love to take this one from behind, I can hear the sound of her soft ass slapping against me now as I bury my cock deep into her dark hole.

After getting on her good side with some sweet talking promises, this big tit ebony goddess teased her our guy revealing just enough to get him interested, she then dropped to her knees sucking his cock ready for her wanting black pussy. Don’t take my word for it, watch the sample video above and watch her big black cheeks getting glazed.

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All girls do it, they allow a video to be filmed of them fucking their boyfriend truly believing it is for their eyes only and their private collection or they take a picture on their mobile phone and send it to their partner assuming nobody else will ever see it. Here we see a black chick getting screwed from behind by her white boyfriend, smiling for the camcorder and clearly enjoying herself, I wonder if she ever believed it would be posted online for everyone to see!!

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What a fantastic find and one that I do not mind sharing… Ebony Lover is a site full of hot sexy black babes looking for dates of all kinds and I mean all kinds. Not once was I asked for a credit card, I just popped a username and password in for a free browse around the adverts. Some had pictures (and were clearly looking for no strings sex) while others were hoping for a slower more meaningful relationship. I just looked at the pictures and sent a few questions to those looking for a little quickie fun now I guess I just have to wait and see if I can find myself some genuine black pussy.

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Some fine hairy black pussy is always a good way to start the day, well I think so, actually it is a good way to both start and end with as far as I am concerned, the more black pussy the better. This amateur girls natural approach in keeping her pussy as nature intended makes a pleasant change to the clean shaven that we often see.

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Just look at the size of these ebony jugs, imagine slipping your cock between these silky chocolate mamas building up a rhythm and aiming your cock at that succulent mouth, hoping that she might just lean forward and add an exploring tongue to the action. Massive ebony tits and not an ounce of silicone in sight, 100% all natural black beasts. It is also good to see them being put to good use with a nice looking tit fuck that this lucky guy is not going to forget in a long time.

I am sure you would love to see the final outcome and rather than tell you what happens next why not visit the site in question by clicking on the image and downloading the entire tit fucking movie for yourself, I know that you won’t be disappointed.

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Get all the black lovin you can handle with plenty of scorching hot ebony pussy and more than a helping of booty ass pounding over at Ebony Addiction. The above images are a sample taken from a free gallery, they show this large breasted hottie in action as she drops her panties around those long tanned legs and presents her wet black pussy for the taking but not until she has had a little taste of her guys love tool first, if he is going to be sticking it into her wet hole I guess she wants to know what it tastes like first.

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How do you fancy some mature black pussy? These ebony babes are a little older but their pussy hasn’t lost any appeal, they are just as hungry for sex. With maturity comes experience, these women have been around and they carry with them a wealth of experience. They love spreading their legs for both younger and older guys so make sure you stop by and take a look at how much they have to offer. Watch the FREE sample above by clicking the play button (flash enabled) and the link below when you are ready to download the full explicit version.

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